Romantic Gifts for your love

Dear Alura,

The holiday season is fast approaching, and I am lost with ideas for my love. I would like to impress and let them know how much they really do mean to me. Do you have any romantic ideas to help keep the flame of love going for this holiday?

Thank you,

Pam W.

Dear Pam,

What a perfect question for the season. Thank you so much for asking.

When trying to impress a love at holiday time, it can be challenging with all the stress, commercials and of course the neighbor down the street who has light up the whole town with his decorating skills and lights. This neighbor is a good example, that less can be more.

My first suggestion is to think from the heart, think about what your love brings to you, the smiles that come across your face when you think about him/her and how your aura glows. Take that feeling and bottle it to use when viewing gift options. Thinking outside of the box will always be better. They might enjoy that PlayStation game that they have been wanting for months, but after they have beat it for the fourth time, it will be discarded to a box of Christmas past gifts and so will the short-lived gratitude to the person who gave it. No, no, my dear…you want something that will make them think of you every time they see it, something sentimental, something that captures your essence and theirs. So, without further ado, here are my recommendations. Many of these you can make if you are talented, others can be found with links included form artisans. Add a tender card that expresses your feelings and “bam’ you have given the gift that keeps you in their mind and in their hearts.



Love Coupons

This idea has been around for decades and not only is fun but most always appreciated. The idea is simple, make coupons for tender moments such as giving your love a back-rub, hug, cooking their favorite dinner, etc. print them and compile in booklet and you have a meaningful gift. This makes a great stocking stuffer. Your can make or purchase your own, there are kinky and not so kinky ones out there. Here are some links for you, some you can download free, others purchase. The important thing is to have fun with this!!!


Free Printable Love Coupons

Romantic Coupon Book – complete for purchase

Naughty Printable Coupon Book for Purchase

Year of Date nights

There are a few great DIY versions as well as options to buy complete. The idea is that when you are at a lost for what to do on date night, you pull a card, stick or envelope and whatever is written on it is what you do. The version that I like is one that includes movie tickets, bowling gift certificates and what not so that you do not have to come up with money at the time of picking. Keeping in mind that not all date night suggestions cost money. Here are some links for you:

DIY Date night jar

The date box


Complete to purchase

Another to purchase

Reasons why I love you

This is a cute idea of notes and sayings that are placed into cards or pieces of paper in a box or jar with the idea that when your love is having a day of it, they will simply pull one out and be reminded that you love them.

In a jar


In a tin

In a box

A Book about your love

These are special books to purchase that you can custom design to tell your love story.

The book of us

The key to your heart


This is one of my favorites and my boyfriend’s eyes filled with tears when I gave this to him. It is easy to do or

order yours here custom made with your name and gift box

I hope that gets your creative juices flowing.

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Alura Rose is a gifted Tarot Reader who frequently reads in Salem, MA. She is a witch that specializes in love and romance. To book a phone reading or spell consultation click here

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